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Sun 1 Apr 11:00 - Tour

Tough matches for under 7's on tour!


Got up bright and early, after a great superhero night. Filled two coaches and made our way to Exmouth RFC for the tournament. All the kids were very excited to be going to play and were ready for some rugby action. When we arrived there were lots of other teams and a real buzz. Found where we would be playing and set up Kingswood camp! The under 7's were scheduled to play 5 matches. The players on tour were Rohan Nicol, Charlie Fry, Elli-Rose Crook, Eva Willmott, Harrison Abram, Oliver Toomey, Billy Clark, Travis Oakley, Ethan Crook, Daniel Brown and James Howarth The matches went as follows.

Game 1.
Kingswood v Farnham Sharks
Score- 5 v 35

The little k's started this match still asleep and not really on form. Farnham Sharks were very well drilled and were ploughing through our defence and scoring try after try. There were some good attempts at running with the ball for the try line from Elli- Rose Crook, Charlie Fry and Billy Clark, but the Sharks had a good defence and were tagging well. James Howarth managed to get through and scored our only try in the game. Rohan Nichol, Harrison Abram, Daniel Brown and Eva Willmott had some good tries at tagging but didn't manage to stop Sharks from scoring. Oliver Toomey and Travis Oakley were placing themselves in good positions on the oppositions try line but Sharks were too fast. After some good talking to from Elvis at half-time, the little k's woke up a bit, but the Sharks had it in the bag. Nevermind little k's, you tried hard. Onto game 2.
Try Scorer- James Howarth(1)
Game 2
Kingswood v Exmouth
Score- 15 v 10

This game the little k's were fired up and seemed to get themselves back on track, working together as a team once more. Exmouth put out a good side, but k's were back on form. Some excellent tagging from Harrison Abram, Travis Oakley, Daniel Brown and Oliver Toomey. Elli-Rose Crook, Charlie Fry and Billy Clark got up some speed through Exmouth's defence and scored our tries, with some great support passing from Rohan Nichol, Eva Willmott, Ethan Crook and James Howarth. The little k's showed what they were made of in this match, had a great defence line and supported each other well. Exmouth equally had a great defence and some speedy runners, but the k's managed to hold them off by one try. Well done little k's, keep it up. Onto game 3.
Try scorers- Elli-Rose Crook(1), Billy Clark(1) and Charlie Fry(1)

Game 3
Kingswood v Farnham Lions
Score- 30 v 35

Kingswood carried on their form into this second match against another Farnham team. They played well and came together once more. The two teams were evenly matched, scoring try for try. It was a good end to end game. Once again good running with speed from Harrison Abram, Charlie Fry and Elli-Rose Crook, who scored the tries. Good support from Billy Clark, Travis Oakley, Ethan Crook and Daniel Brown. Kingswood's defence and tagging was great with Rohan Nichol, Eva willmott and james Howarth running with the opposition to tag them and Oliver Toomey placing himself as last man near the try line to catch any that slipped through the others. Little k's played well, only allowing one extra try through for the Lions. Well played k's. Onto game 4.
Try scorers- Harrison Abram(3), Elli-Rose Crook(2) and Charlie Fry(1)

Game 4
Kingswood v Farnham Tigers
Score- 15 v 35
Another well drilled Farnham team. Kingswood weren't fazed by this. They came out strong and with a will to give it all they could. Once again the teamwork of Kingswood could be clearly seen. The usual suspects came out with some great running and scored tries, Elli-Rose Crook, Harrison Abram and Charlie Fry. Support for the ball carriers was good from Daniel Brown, Billy Clark, Rohan Nicol and Travis Oakley. Always behind ready for the pass if needed. Tagging was good from Eva willmott, Oliver Toomey , James Howarth and Ethan Crook, but wasn't enough to stop the Tigers scoring 7 tries. The Little k's tried very hard and played well, considering this was game 4, they weren't showing any signs of getting tired. Well done. Onto the last game, game 5.
Try scorers- Elli-Rose Crook(1), Harrison Abram(1) and Charlie Fry(1)

Game 5
Kingswood v Withicomb
Score- 20 v 20

Straight into game 5, with a quick kick off. Kingswood held fast and scored the first tires of the match, Elli-Rose Crook and Harrison Abram to start. Again, good teamwork and good support from Rohan Nicol, Daniel Brown and Billy Clark. Withicomb also had a strong team, and came back with tries of their own. Kingswood taggers kept the score even throughout the game, with efforts made by Oliver Toomey, James Howarth, Elli-Rose Crook and Harrison Abram. Travis Oakley scored his first try of the tournament closley followed by another from Charlie Fry. Great teamwork held the game at a draw, which after a few gruelling matches before, wasn't bad going. Well done everyone.
Try scorers- Elli-Rose Crook(1), Harrison Abram(1), Travis Oakely(1) and Charlie Fry(1)

All in all a very good tournament, considering this was the under7's first one, the played incredibly well and came together as a team. Well done to everyone who took part, you should be proud of yourselves, we are! Man of the tournament was given to Elli-Rose Crook by kingswood, and Farnham nominated Harrison Abram as their man of the match also. Keep up the good work guys. A big thank you also to the coaches Elvis, Gums and Jazzer for keeping the kids on track and motivated!


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