10K Big K

Anyone who frequents our club on a Saturday or Sunday, be they parents, players or even oppostion, will know that our 17 year old clubhouse is no longer fit for purpose.

We want to make the clubhouse an amazing place to be and we're sure you do as well, but in order to do that, we need a helping hand.

The money that the club receives from Annual & Match Day subs, as well as bar takings, just about keeps us going through the cold winter and the summer closure, but it does not give us surplus amounts of cash for which to turn the clubhouse into the place we want and NEED it to be.

That's why we need to look at raising some funds ourselves, and this is where the 10KBigK idea comes in...

Where next?

What is the 10KBigK? In order to generate lots of money, we need lots of help. To get lots of help, we need to do somethi


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